Excellence in Education Grants

The Junior League of Panama City partners with The Bay Education Foundation to administer the Excellence in Education grant program. The Excellence in Education grants reward teachers for using creative learning techniques in the classroom, and affords students opportunities that could not be funded otherwise.

Since the program’s inception in 2008, over $200,000 has been awarded to the local educators in partnership with the Bay Education Foundation and has impacted thousands of students within the classroom.

We would like to thank all of the teachers who apply for grants through this program. Your commitment to education allows the Junior League to further its mission within our community.

On October 26th, 2021 the Executive Board members attended the Bay District School Board meeting and presented our Junior League check to the Bay Education Foundation for $13,000. An additional $1,500 was provided to the private school personnel, all of which was donated by the Junior League of Panama City.

NEW 2022-2023 EIE Private School Application

A 2021-2022 Private School Grant recipient from Covenant Christian, Ms. Kelli Thomas, combined lessons on health and music for students with her project, Drumming Up Fun!


2022-2023 Private School Grant Winners

  • Jeremy Brannon – Sensory Science – Holy Nativity Episcopal School
  • Heather Dence – Creation Garden – Covenant Christian School
  • Jillian Preston – Performing Arts Club – St. John’s Catholic Academy

2021-2022 Private School Grant Winners

  • Jan Dykes – Robots on the Move – Holy Nativity Episcopal School
  • Rebecca Flohre – Mind If I Check You Out? – Holy Nativity Episcopal School
  • Christina Sabo – Kindergarten Bird Exploration – Covenant Christian
  • Kelli Thomas – Drumming Up Fun – Covenant Christian

2020-2021 Private School Grant Winners

  • Jan Dykes, Catherine Churchill, and Lyn Morris from Holy Nativity Episcopal School

2019-2020 Private School Grant Winners

  • Alice Allen – Finding the “I” in SCIENCE – Holy Nativity Episcopal School
  • Jan Dykes – Get WISE: Women in Science and Engineering – Holy Nativity Episcopal School
  • Lyn Morris – Robotic Revolution – Holy Nativity Episcopal School

2017-2018 Private School Grant Winners

  • Lyn Morris and Lauren Presser – Green with Envy – Holy Nativity Episcopal School
  • Laura McClain – Making Something Out Of Nothing – St. John The Evangelist Catholic School

2016-2107 Private School Grant Winners

  • Summer Himes – Garden of Amazing Grace – Holy Nativity Episcopal School
  • Janet Fiser- Edible Landscape – Holy Nativity Episcopal School

2014-2015 Private School Grant Winners

  • Andrea Kopp – Leveled Reader Library – St. John The Evangelist Catholic School
  • Ellen Simpson – The Recipe for Pi – Covenant Christian School
  • Lynn M. Geren – Lights! Camera! Read! – Holy Nativity Episcopal School
  • Audra Resler – Don’t lose Your Marbles – Holy Nativity Episcopal School
  • Audra Resler – Reading is for the Birds – Holy Nativity Episcopal School