Volunteering for Others, Inspiring Change, Empowering Self

“Do Good, Be Good, Often.”

VOICES is a school-year long group mentoring program designed to build participants’ self-confidence through community service. Participation is available to ninth and tenth grade girls interested in volunteerism and is offered in a group setting during lunch throughout the school year. Each session consists of lunch and an in-depth discussion of a scheduled topic.

Mentoring topics include a variety of subjects and life skills applications, including:

Outside Voices – the influence of the media

Inside Voices – the effects of negative thinking

Something’s Gotta Give – the practice of gratitude

Time Management-Personal Responsibility – Priorities

Participants in VOICES shall possess the following: INTEREST IN VOLUNTEERISM, INTEREST IN DEVELOPING HER POTENTIAL FOR VOLUNTARY COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION, and RESPECT FOR OTHERS. Members are required to participate in community service projects as a group throughout the year. In addition, they are invited to participate in League-wide service projects throughout the community as often as they are interested and able. Girls are encouraged to discover and develop their unique interests, talents, and abilities and to be sensitive to the needs of others.

The 2011-2012 school year was an exciting year for VOICES! In addition to welcoming a brand new class of participants to the VOICES program at both Rutherford High School and Newpoint High School, the inaugural VOICES class established a Bay County Chapter of GirlTalk, a national peer mentoring program, at Everitt Middle School. The VOICES class of Rutherford High School met with sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls at Everitt Middle School once a week after school. Meetings included games, a group discussion of a scheduled topic chosen based on questions asked by the middle school participants, and snacks. The high school mentors were responsible for working as a team to prepare lessons and lead the discussions.

GirlTalk participants volunteered at League-wide community service projects throughout the year as well as participated in community service projects of their own. The GirlTalk Chapter is a great example of VOICES participants identifying a need in their community, realizing their own interests in mentoring and community service, and putting a plan into action to make a real difference in the lives of others! The JL could not be prouder of these girls!