A Message from Our President

Welcome to the Junior League of Panama City website!  If you’ve found us you’re, in some capacity, interested in what we do and who we are.  Let me share a little bit about JLPC and encourage you to get to know us even more. 

Our League was founded in 1951 as the Junior Service League of Panama City by 20 charter members and has now grown to include over 350 active and sustaining members.  In 2012, we became the newest affiliate of the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) and was renamed the Junior League of Panama City.  We now belong to an international movement of more than 150,000 members in 293 Leagues! 

Being an active participant in AJLI offers our members many things: the opportunity to participate in professional training meetings nationwide on a wide range of topics from mastering public speaking to improving cultural diversity within our League, guidance and feedback from professionals staffed by AJLI, online trainings on leadership within the League as well as in our personal professional lives, and ways to improve our fund development and enhance the experience for our donors and members alike.  We are also able to be a strong voice in SPAC (State Public Affairs Committee) where we meet with other Leagues across Florida to form a strong 13,000+ person echo to Florida State legislators on issues that we experience right here in Bay County.  The list of benefits of being an AJLI League goes on!  There are 293 Leagues in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Great Britain and it is always an honor to brainstorm and network with women from across the globe on issues that we all tackle within our community while determining how best to alleviate a burden or assist in mentoring or help in many capacities wherever there is a need. 

Women supporting women is a powerful force for our individual self-growth, our families, our communities, and our world.  I’ve learned that you should never tell a woman something can’t be done within our community…because it can and we Junior Leaguers know how to make things happen!  JLPC has already had the honor to watch one of our own Past Presidents, Mrs. Cheri Boyle, serve on the national level as a Member-at-Large on the Governance Council for AJLI and, as the newest League in AJLI we are proud of her and her leadership!   Our goal is to continue to support and “grow” leaders like Mrs. Boyle and represent Panama City, Florida across the nation and beyond in the best way we know how with intelligence, grace, and Southern hospitality! 

We, here at JLPC, are a group of women from all types of backgrounds, work experience, and family life.  It is our diversity that makes us a unique group and one that we strive to continue to develop into lasting and meaningful friendships that will continue to provide the relationships and experiences and generosity for generations after us.  Our mission reads: “Promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving our community” and every decision we make regarding our League finances and placement opportunities is one that we return to our mission and ensure that we have met it responsibly. 

In order to complete our work, we call upon the donations and support from businesses and individuals within and around Bay County to fund our placements.  Without them, we would be less of an impact and our League is truly grateful for this support.   

The Junior League of Panama City—what a wonderful place to be! To be with a group of women who see the world as a canvas ready to be cared for by individuals who value kindness and generosity.  To be part of an organization that enjoys volunteering for positive change in our community, that has a fun time fundraising money in order to fund our placements, and that is one that trains its members to be their very best in all aspects of their professional and personal life.

Our members love our community and want to continue to see positive change in the lives of the individuals that we support, serve, train, and nuture.  Please take the time to read more about the impact that we strive to make within our placements as well as our fundraisers (Holly Fair and Mystique).  We are truly proud of our members and their efforts but we are even more so of the positive outcomes of individuals that we are helping and supporting along to way.  

“The Junior League Way: When you find a need, create a solution.”  AJLI, 2016


Happy to serve,

Tricia E Berry

President 2016-17