Elderly Outreach

Elderly Outreach is a program designed to enrich the lives of the more mature and wiser members of our local community. Junior League participants on this committee interact with the residents through bi-monthly visits. Residents of, “Location”, enjoy the companionship of league members, as they play games, create crafts, and hold special events during the year.

Through this placement the Junior League provides an outreach to enhance the lives of the elderly living with illness and limitations, especially those who have little to no contact with family or friends outside of their nursing facility.

League members also provide robes, slippers, hygiene items and other necessities on request to elderly centers around Bay County

The overwhelming favorite activity of these residents is playing B-I-N-G-O. They also enjoy crafts such as decorating holiday shirts, and making their own jewelry.

As local resident, Paul says, “It makes me feel good that these ladies take time out of their busy schedule to visit with us. It makes me feel special and appreciated. We all look forward to their visits.”