Public Affairs Committee

The Junior League of Panama City is a member of the State Public Affairs Committee of the Junior Leagues of Florida. We are a non-partisan education and advocacy organization that represents 25 Junior Leagues and over 11,000 voting women statewide. Together we have monitored legislation and advocated for issues of importance to our members for nearly 40 years. Our priority areas are:  at-risk youth, health and hunger, improved education and community safety.

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JLFL-SPAC Statement: Parkland shooting

The Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee condemns the violent actions carried out by the Parkland gunman. Community safety is one of our top priorities and we are committed to keeping the people of our state safe. From finding solutions to the increase in violence to advocating on behalf of children and youth, we support programs, policies, and educational initiatives that reduce and prevent incidences of harm and promote emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing.


We have been in touch with leaders at the affected Junior Leagues and are prepared to assist impacted families and communities. Our members will also work with lawmakers to implement the best public policies to better protect Florida's students. We will continue to be vigilant in finding ways to support victims and defend the safety of all Florida citizens.


More information about JLFL-SPAC can be found on our website at

Member Leagues

State Public Affairs Committee Issues:

  • Nutrition, physical activity and education regarding healthy choices for children
  • Increased access to affordable, wholesome foods; including food deserts
  • Financing provisions to entrepreneurs who want to open a fresh food outlet within a food desert
  • Prohibiting minors from using tanning beds to promote skin cancer prevention
  • Infant welfare related to substance dependent newborns and substance-induced negligent acts resulting in infant death
  • Increased life skills for children in foster care and other at-risk youth
  • Nutrition for school readiness gains
  • GMO required labeling
  • Raising awareness of domestic violence signs
  • Human trafficking awareness campaigns
  • Improved pedestrian safety
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or welfare (TANF) coverage for diapers
  • Support for children aging out of foster care
  • Maintain quality residential group homes
  • Literacy skills
  • Increase public speaking skills for school-age girls
  • Later school start times
Junior League of Florida State Public Affairs Committee's Winter Conference and Legislative Days 2016 in Tallahassee
Tricia Berry, Lorrie Buchmeyer, Whitemy Mims, Cheri Boyle and Jessica Meryer at the Governor's Mansion

Jessica Meyer, Tricia Berry, Whitney Mims, Lorrie Buschmeyer and Cheri Boyle with Florida First Lady, Ann Scott
Tricia Berry, Lorrie Buschmeyer, Jessica Meyer, Cheri Boyle and Whitney Mims with Senator Don Gaetz